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"They really did actually begin to have this genuine bond and trust with each other and it was just getting…kinda beautiful. And then in the spirit of Game of Thrones they cut that off. But I think, I mean I would like in the future for them to be reunited at some point. Because I think they’d be a pretty awesome like power couple in the future. Like the new Brangelina. But I think, yeah, it was a really lovely relationship and she was finally beginning to trust him and love him - not in that way, but you know as just a person. And…they were really on each other’s team." - Sophie Turner on Sansa and Tyrion’s relationship at SDCC

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Poor Jason didn’t see that one coming…

Sorry if this not exactly what you guys were expecting next for this series of comic-thingy ! The fluffy/funny part of their relationship is not the only aspect that I find interesting ;p (I’ve got too many feelings about those characters and I’m thinking about their actions and intentions way too much, hahaha)

I made a small coda for this, I’ll post it soon I guess.

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